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We all know that feeling of NEEDING the perfect little White number!! We know what it is to need a white dress that’s not too transparent, but also not too heavy – a white dress that stands out, but that doesn’t blind the eye. And this is all for that quintessential summer event: THE WHITE PARTY.

But don’t fret! The beautiful thing about the white dress: regardless of the shade you choose, any skin tone can rock the look! And although white might be seen as your Grandmother’s color choice – tried and true and innocent – the new styles emerging this summer offer that perfect touch of the hard-core, the fun, and the flirty.

These styles include those seen above: The under-the chest cutouts, the deep-V’s with a bandeaux wraparound, the choker-neck with a skater-skirt bottom – and of course it’s never wrong to keep things classic with that Always-In-Style boat-neck cut and pencil-skirt fit (with a Posh Spice-esque fur piece on the back! Why not?!)

All of this is to say that at your next White Party – BE BOLD. Spice up your look with the cutouts seen above, or even with STATEMENT shoes or jewelry which will (BY DEFAULT) match with your dress choice!

At Miss Circle we’ve got you covered in terms of White Dresses – we can offer you dresses with cutouts, embellishments, sheer fabric, threaded details, and more. Best of all, our dresses are made with the most comfortable materials you could imagine (rayon/nylon/spandex) – so not only will you be Whimsical in White, but you’ll feel like total luxury.

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It’s Summer 2016 and we are seeing variations of the long autumnal robe-sweater EVERYWHERE (read: the entire Kardashian family): they are appearing as light-weight trench-coats, as casual lapel-free throw overs, and as more formal wear with buttons.

Most variations come with a tie: The tie is essential for that perfect waist-cinching effect, but also looks oh-so-flawless when untied, as it hangs below the hem of the sweater/jacket.

Fashion blogs in 2014 picked up on the long-sweater trend in the Autumn of that year, and predicted a resurgence in every coming fall. What the fashion world DIDN’T predict, however, was the forms the ‘long sweater’ would take and the seasons it would come to occupy.

So what is it about this look that’s so appealing?! And how does a fashionista rock it in Summer?!

The look is so popular because it can give ANY outfit that look of sophistication – be it an outfit with shorts, a formal dress, distressed jeans, or leggings. There’s something so sexy about the way the coat catches the wind as you walk, something so empowering about that strut as the fabric trails behind you.

And then there are the color options! Let your trench or long-sweater take you through summer in Fabulous pure-white, off-white, baby-blue and pastel-pink!! It will be your go-to piece this summer, adorning the simple and the elegant alike.

Shop Miss Circle’s Pink Satin Trench-Coat, or our gorgeous Pink Bandage Cape Sweater, both with that essential tie and high-fashion look. Shop the rest of our collection Online or pop into our New York Offices – room 502 – to see what we have in-store!



Jumpsuits are having their moment… and it’s a big one!! From styles seen on Kylie Jenner to Kate Hudson to J. Lo – the Jumpsuit caters to every body type and every occasion!

The beauty of the jumpsuit: Wear it out to brunch and keep it on through your night on the town! This season we’ve seen a re-vamping of the classic full-coverage jumpsuit: we are now seeing jumpsuits with sexy cutouts, criss-cross layering, and variations in the neckline from choker to deep-V.

Miss Circle offers each of these styles in the most comfortable fabric you could imagine… our signature bandage material (rayon/nylon/spandex). So not only will you look fabulous with cutting-edge style, but you’ll feel absolutely luxurious!

Allow our Jumpsuits to elongate your figure, hug the natural curves of your frame, and highlight your best assets!

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